Reiz Facial

aQuaeria beauty facial uses a Needle Free Mesotherapy which is called “Reiz” that injects beauty serum into the deepest layers of the skin for the most effective and long-lasting results.
The treatment takes about 20 minutes and can be done at the same time as the manicure and pedicure, or before or after the eyelash extension.

General Beauty Serum$1,000
Special Beauty Serum$2,000

[ The Flow of the Reiz Facial (about 30 mins) ]

1. Consultation (5 mins)

After understanding the customer’s lifestyle and the skin problem you want to improve, we will suggest the most suitable beauty serum.

2. Cleaning (5 mins)

Remove all the makeup, including sun cream.

3. Start the treatment (15 mins)

Use the Reiz Needleless beauty injector to inject beauty serum into the depths of the skin, including every part of the whole face.

4. Finish (5 mins)

Apply beauty serum containing human stem cell on the face.

What is Needle Free Mesotherapy Reiz? - Needleless beauty injector Reiz –

The Reiz Needleless Beauty injector is a brand new beauty technology that injects beauty essence solution deep into the skin without penetrating the needle. With a high-pressure jet of sound speed Mach 1.17 and nanotechnology, oxygen is injected at high pressure and introduced into the deep layers of the skin. The depth can be set from 0.2 to 3 mm, infusing the beauty serums into the corresponding most effective skin layers for long-lasting results.

Since it is a non-contact treatment, the process is hygienic and safe, and there is no need to endure the pain of injections and no bleeding. Therefore, even people who are resistant to injection treatment can also try this deep beauty treatment technology.

Also, this technique does not need time to wait for absorption, you can apply makeup immediately after the procedure.
The treatment takes about 20 minutes and can be done at the same time as the manicure and pedicure, or before and after the eyelash extension.

[About beauty serum]

The various types of beauty serums our salon use contain into human stem cell culture fluids made in Japan.

Our salon provides various types of beauty serums that all contain human stem cell culture fluids made in Japan, essences extracted from plants, and ingredients produced by innovative regeneration medicine research. In addition, the beauty serums also contain ampoules that are effective for hair reborn.

You can choose according to the problem that you want to solve and the condition of your skin on that day.

  • ◎Human Growth Factor Serum (Human Stem Cell Culture Solution)
  • ◎Vitamin C whitening beauty liquid (containing hyaluronic acid)
  • ◎Placenta
  • ◎Hair reborn (hair regeneration)
  • ◎Non-pimple (prevention of acne and improvement of skin quality)
  • ◎By fat (fat dissolution)
  • ◎Nobio (prevention of body odor)

Please contact our salon for more details.
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