Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

All our specialists — including a certified instructor by JECA (Japan Eyelash Extension Certificate Authority) — hold valid certificates. To make safety our first priority we adopt the latest techniques and reliable materials from Japan. Artificial eyelash extension is attached to your natural lashes with glue. Once an artificial lash is attached, the glue is immediately dried by eyelash air compressor technology recently developed in Japan. For length, thickness and the curl style of eyelashes, you can choose among 50 types to fit your taste.

Eyelash Extension PhotoEyelash Extension Photo


Upper Eyelash Extension
[Single Lash Extension]
~ 100 lashes$9.6/lash
100 lashes$960
120 lashes$1060
140 lashes$1160
[Volume Lash Extension (1 bundle = 3 ~ 5 Single lashes)]
~100 bundles$12/bundel
100 bundles$1200
Refill / Lower Eyelash
Single lash$9.6/lash
Volume lashes$12/bundle
~ 50 lashes$100
51 lashes ~ $200

* Cancellation policy:
20% of the service will be charged for cancellations/changes made within 2 hours of the appointment.
100% of service will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancellations/ changes on the appointment or No show.

aquaeria’s commitment

1. Strict hygiene management and technical guidance

aQuaeira also runs a nail and eyelash school. All our staff are professionals who obtained correct knowledge about eyelash extensions and skills in accordance with JECA Japan Eyelash Extension Certificate Authority’s standard and then have gone through a number of skill checks. They all obtained the certificates issued by JECA. aQuaeria’s commitment to the customers that is providing sophisticated high skills promptly by experienced staff who acquainted with counseling method and strict hygienic management.

2. Allergy-free glue

A key item among eyelash extensions related products is glue. Our glue is actually used in clinical practice that emit minimal amount of formaldehyde which might cause allergy. Very few of salons in HK adopt this glue as that only can be handled by advanced level users. We recommend this glue for customer’s safety and trust.

3. Allergy prevention air compressor

In order to prevent causing allergic reaction we adopt air compressor that cares eyes with constant air pressure. Drying eyelash one by one prevents “Folmaldehyde” from accumulating around eye that helps lower allergic reaction.

4. Meticulous preparation

Preparation is essential for eyelash extensions before start applying. For pretreatment we adopt patented technology “Pure+K” that removes make¬up and sebum with no irritation to eye, and “Aiming” microfiber tipped stick that wipes off gently.


1. Greeting

aQuaeria staff greet customers with welcoming smile and ask to fill out the counseling form.

2. Counseling

Our staff explain the customers about the feature of eyelash design and application process according to the counseling form. By hearing what customers want and require, “quantity”, “thickness”, “length”, “design” will be fixed in view of their facial skeleton and shape of eyes. Please feel free to tell us any concerns on eyes or eyelashes.

3. Choice of glue

Choose suitable glue depending on customer’s life style or constitution. The glue used in clinical practice is also available at aQuaeria.

4. Consent

Customers are required to sign a consent in full understanding before applications.

5. Application (1-¬2 hours)
[Masking tape]

Stick masking tapes to the skin around lower eyelashes that is gentle used for even babies.


In order to make eyelashes last longer cleansing completely natural eyelashes is a must. We use dedicated pretreatment and tools to cleanse dirt off around eyelash roots.

[Application of eyelash extensions]

Extensions are carefully applied to eyelashes one by one without lacing up with downy lashes and emerging lashes. There will be 1.5mm interval between the edge of extensions and eyelash roots to avoid pain or feeling uncomfortable.


Dry out glue on eyelash once applied one by air compressor.

6. Check finish

Customers check the finish and tell us any modifications or requests.

7. Aftercare guidance

Tips on maintenance such as how to put make¬up or wash will be given after application. Any questions are welcome.

After care, Q&A

Q. How many pieces of eyelash extensions should I put on for the first time?

A. It depends on customer’s preference though, 100 pcs for both eyes is popular but the quantity should be decided in accordance with customer’s eye size and number of the eyelashes. We offer a counseling when you come to our salon.

Q. Can I come to salon with my make-up still on?

A. No make-up around your eyes is recommended to avoid eyelash extensions come off soon due to the oil contained in make-up. No use of eyelash curler and mascara are recommended.

Q. How many kinds of eyelash extensions do you have?

A. There is a variety of choice such as over 120 different kinds of length, thickness, curl. Length (6mm – 13mm), 5 type thickness (0.1 – 0.25), curl type (J-curl, C-curl, D-curl, L-curl, D-curl). So you can order it as you like or we help you coordinating if you do for the first time.

Q. How long does eyelash extensions last?

A. 4 – 5 pcs of eyelashes fall out everyday and all eyelashes fall out in 30 –90 days. It’s different with each person though, eyelashes will be 1/3 in volume after 3 weeks. It might not last so long if your eyelashes are damaged or short.

Q. Do eyelash extensions damage natural eyelashes?

A. No it doesn’t if you choose right length and thickness, and try not to pull out. it is reported that using curler and mascara is worse for natural eyelashes rather than that.

Q. How often maintenance should be done?

A. To keep it in good condition, touch up every 2-3 weeks and re¬do every 1- 2 months are recommended.

Q. Can I put on mascara?

A. Specific mascara for eyelash extensions is available at our salon. Please feel free to inquire.

Q. Can I use make up remover?

A. Please use oil¬-free remover. Glue is very weak against oil. Specific makeup removers for eyelash extensions users are available at our salon. Please be advised that removing make-up around your eyes must be done gently. When wiping extensions with cottons or towels, just gently along the flow of extensions.

Q. Can I use eyelash curler?

A. Please refrain from using eyelash curler that damages extensions and causes its loss.

Q. Can I take a shower or go to pool on the same day?

A. Please refrain from taking shower and bath, entering pool, or sweating within 4 hours right after the application.

Q. Can I apply eyelash extensions on my eyelashes permed?

A. If you had your eyelashes permed, it may prevent extensions from lasting long. Therefore an interval of at least 6 weeks after perming is recommended.




J-curl is applied overall. All extensions are same length but some shorter extensions are applied only at inner corner of the eye. This type makes natural finish and suitable for first time customers.



C-curl is used. Longer extensions are applied at the center of the eye that makes large bright eye with cute impression.
*This type might not last as J curl long according to the condition of natural lashes.



C-curl is used for overall but for the pat of tail of the eye J curl is used. The length is gradually longer toward tail of eye that makes eyes look larger.
*This type might not last as J curl long according to the condition of natural lashes.



J-curl is used for overall. Longer extensions are applied at tail of the eye that makes slit eyes. The length is gradually longer toward tail of eye that makes slit eyes. This type is good for customers want have droopy eyes impression.